Chapter 1: Julian

The town is burning. The flames lick up the sides of the old brick structures, the reaching flames trying to find anything that would burn. The light breeze blows the choking smoke in the direction of London. Every last man, woman, child, and household pet are surely nothing but smoldering ash by now. I slowly stroll along the stone pathway that manages to encapsulate the whole town, taking in my most recent exploit. My feet kick a few bits of stray rubble. The noise of it echoes around me in the silence left in the wake of the terror. I would never let anyone escape.

I am not sure why I entered the pub in the first place. Heaven knows I am always irritated by those hairless apes. My need for a brief escape obviously outweighed any other annoyance I may have felt.

I found myself pushing open the wooden door to satiate my craving for a beer. If they had gotten anything right, I’d say it’s the alcoholic beverages. It’s a universal need, no matter who you are or where you’ve come from.

The pub was relatively small. After all, a small town like Hatfield doesn’t need big businesses, not enough people would be able to keep it up with their need for commercial consumption. The whole pub had an ancient feel about it, however, that seemed to be strangely appealing. I walked up to the polished wooden counter and ordered. I purposefully chose a spot that had empty surroundings. I didn’t want to deal with anyone.

When the drunken fool sat down next to me, I had to hold back the urge to slam his head into the counter, immediately ending anything he had to say. But, I shouldn’t. I had to keep up appearances, at least for now. Obviously an unprovoked brawl would draw to much unwanted attention towards me. I didn’t want anyone to know I was there, at least not yet.

“I think I’m gonna sit right here next to ya mate. Ya seem nice and friendly like!” The man slurred. Oh how very obviously wrong he was. I made a non-committal grunt, hoping that would suffice in driving away the fool. However, he just sat down next to me anyway. His light hair was rumpled as though he hadn’t bothered to comb it before making an appearance in public. He wore a stained white shirt that strained over his beer-belly. There were grease marks all over his ill-fitting jeans. He was obviously a blue collar worker, perhaps a mechanic, but I didn’t really give a shit one way or another. I just wanted some piece while I drank my beverage.

“How ‘bout givin’ me a lil suga’ mate! You just so niiiice!” He drawled out. For the love of god, one more word out of his mouth and I’m going to gut the imbecile. I stared stoically ahead, hoping that my silence would be an obvious way to show my displeasure.

“Oh come on! Don’t be like that, mate! I think we have something niiiice and special.” My barely held control slipped. I slowly turned my head to look at the fool. He was so obviously far gone because of the alcohol, it would be too easy. I stared straight into his beady, blood shot eyes. My vision narrowed in onto the pupils. All of my surroundings disappeared and the background noise became a dull roar. It was as though I was looking through a long tunnel and the end was the man’s memories. I concentrated harder and his memories were like a VHS tape that I could rewind and fast forward as I pleased, zooming in on a detail here or there.

He truly did lead an atrocious life. He was an abuser of himself as well as those closest to him. Clearly, no one would miss him that much. I picked out the details that would give me the best reactions from him and allowed myself to come back to the present. To an observer, the process was only a blink of an eye.

“You know, I don’t think your wife, Judy, is too happy that you are out getting drunk every night.” I started off with. That gave him a pause.

“How do you know ‘bout ma wife?” He squinted at me.

“Your children Robert and Elizabeth also don’t appreciate the neglect you show them. Just because you lost your job and feel the need to drown your sorrows in alcohol doesn’t mean they don’t notice.” I stared into his disgusting eyes and let that sink in for a moment before I continued. “You may not remember it but you beat them last night till they were bloody and raw. You felt the bones of your wife crunch under your fist before you beat your children senseless. Now, you’re back here drowning your guilt over alcohol and anything or anyone that will give you a distraction.”

I smiled at him. It’s too easy to rile them up.

“Absolutely pathetic.”

“Listen here you fuck!” He lifted his hand, making as though he was going to grab the collar of my shirt. I felt the power within me surge, like a snake lifting its head, ready to obey my will.

“Stop!” My one word made him pause. He really was so easily manipulated. “You don’t really want to do that.”

“What the fuck are you doing to me?” He was obviously trying to struggle against the command. His fist was still raised in the air, fingers clenching but unable to move anymore than that.

“Get up and walk behind the counter.” The man immediately obeyed. Although there was obviously a battle going on in his mind to fight off the orders, there was no way to stop it. He was much too intoxicated. Perhaps if he were sober he’d be able to throw it off, but I highly doubted it. Only very powerful people with excellent control of their mind could do that. In retrospect, it was impossible.

He was frozen behind the counter, waiting for my next order. “Smash all the bottles. Make sure there is some on you as well.” He did as I asked, causing glass to fly in every direction. He upended a bottle of vodka over his head, spluttering as some got in his mouth. The bartender made like he was going to stop the man but with one glance at him, he stopped in his tracks.

“Stay where you are.” I became aware that other people were in the bar too, watching the spectacle with open mouths. Of course, they were too frightened to come stop it but just in case I had them stay seated as well.

I looked back towards the man that so annoyed me. With a happy smile, I said, “Light the alcohol and burn the building to the ground, along with the people in it.” I stood up from my seat and started to casually walk out the door. I didn’t stop to watch the man take a lighter out from his pocket and flick it until the flame finally appeared. I didn’t see his look of terror as he dropped the lighter to the floor where he was immediately engulfed in flames. I did hear his screams of agony, however.

What made me decide to take a stroll down this pathway, I’m not entirely sure but when I started to hear more panicked screams, I decided it was time to turn around and view my handiwork. The fire from the pub had spread to the other buildings. Really, the town was so old and far outside of any city limits that I’m sure it will be too late before any help comes. The thought makes me smile. These hairless monkeys have always irritated me yet their deaths bring me a feeling of peace. Strange, perhaps, but this is how I have always been. A sociopath, some may call me.

I remember when I first discovered what I really am. I was thirteen years old and thought that there was nothing unusual about the world. My seventh grade class was just starting for the day. The walls were papered with the typical art projects that teachers assign to inspire creativity. All of the students were mingled about the classroom where we were ensued in a mini chaos. The bell had not rung yet so the teacher didn’t care what we did. Those were the blissful years.

I had been feeling ill all week but my mother told me I had to go to school that day. Oh, how I resented her for it. I was already bullied because I was smaller than the rest of the students. I would really be vulnerable now.

“Hey, look you guys! It’s Julian! Look at his shirt! Does your mommy dress you?” shouted a student.

“Not now, please. I’ve been sick all week and I think I might throw up.”

The biggest and meanest student of the class walked up by that point. He had blond hair that looked like it was just slapped on top of his head. His face was covered in angry, red acne and his nostrils were always flared like he smelled something really disgusting. He wasn’t a very attractive kid.

“Oooh look at Julian! He’s gonna barf and go running for his mommy!” Their insults really weren’t that clever for thirteen year olds but it got me angry just the same.

“Shut up,” I yelled, “stop being stupid and leave me alone!”

“Woah, you think you’re so big and tough?” the kid said with his chest puffed out. He must’ve really been an imbecile. He kept glancing over at a girl on the opposite side of the room. I would think that bullying wouldn’t impress her but she was just as mean looking as he was. They’d be the meanest and ugliest couple I had ever seen.

“I’ll show you who’s tough!” he shouted. He clenched his fist and punched me right in the middle of my skinny stomach. Obviously, I was still nauseous so this just made me vomit all over the tiled floor. The shrieks of the other students almost brought a smile to my face despite the pain in my stomach. Yet, I couldn’t help but feel bad for the janitor that was going to have to mop this up. He didn’t have any part in this fight yet he will be punished for it just the same.

The boy swung his arm back again and punched me in the face that time. It felt like my bones were about to break under his fist but luckily he didn’t have enough power behind his attack. I was getting angrier and angrier. Everything was covered in a red haze and I was confused for a moment when I saw the boy readying for another attack. Something inside of me changed. I wasn’t sure whether it was because of the stress I was under or because I was just so angry but I felt a surge of power from within me.

“Stop!” All the pain and anger I felt amplified the power in my voice. To my surprise, everyone in the room froze.

I pointed my finger at the boy that caused me such pain. “You, sit in the puke and stay there forever for all I care!” The boy plopped his fat bottom right in the middle of the puddle. He made a face of disgust and started to turn a nasty shade of green but he stayed where he was.

I knew from then on that my life would be different. I would no longer be a slave to those beneath me. I thought that anything that was different was something only to be found in the imagination. I never dreamed that this could be my reality.

I wish I could destroy all the humans that populate this Earth. They don’t belong here. They don’t accept what they don’t understand. People like me are what they don’t understand. They are much too stupid to know that it’s time for their superiors to take over.

There are over seven billion people populating the Earth. Their stupidity is contagious, each human breeding and spreading their plague on their offspring. They could be compared to an infestation of ants. Easily killed, but easily replaced. They have infested this planet far too long.

With the progression of technology and medicinal advances, the life span of these wretched humans has extended far past their prime. Living until they are shriveled and too far gone mentally cannot be allowed any longer. How could anyone want to live that long in the first place? No, they can’t be deemed to survive. While their population increases, the rest of the organisms decrease. How have they managed to delude themselves into thinking that evolution has made them superior? Knowledge does have its advantages but instinct will always make itself known in new situations. Without their weapons, the common animal would destroy them easily. Survival of the fittest must take its toll. Too bad that they don’t know that there is a superior breed of human that surpasses what they could ever do.

I am superior.

You could say that I have been misunderstood my whole life. No, my parents did not neglect me or hurt me in any way. It is more on the biological level. I am different than anything on this planet, unique, an anomaly. Only a fraction of the people that live on this planet have similar abilities like my own. We all are special, but special in our own ways.

I must find them.


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