I Love You So Matcha

– Mug at a coffee shop

Oxidize my lips for your finest green
tea or use acid in my stomach
to boil and steep. Grind my fingers
down with mortar and pestle or dub
me chamei to keep things interesting.
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The regulator circulates oxygen like Darth Vader. 
I am the caveman forehead of garibaldi.                                                                   
Cilium itches from plastic tang.                                                                                  
Fermenting surf churns above but  Continue reading 

Girl Without a Cause

I.        Captivity

The stench of bong water that follows like a stagnant cloud.  
Roll on Old Spice, pock-marked face, tie dye baseball tee.                                       
You’re a self medicated stoner with a blowtorch to battle                                     
abjection. No D.A.R.E program could keep you from                                       
imparting your smoke to me. A secondhand high.

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Four Doors Down

Did I tell you about the shady business down the hall?                                                                                                               Garbage bins line the walls overflowing                                                           pizza crust and piss-yellow Mountain Dew.

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